Rooted in Crypto History
The First ICO plus DeFi equals Karma Finance

On April 19, 2014, the founder of Karma Finance quietly launched the world's first ICO with Karmashares, under Karma Coin. It revolutionized crypto with a unique staking and distributed ownership model that empowered its community to help others. Now, Karma Finance (which is not an ICO) introduces a way to provide UBI benefits to those that need it while allowing others to participate in a free market economy for a chance to earn greater rewards; all via smart contracts running on blockchain.

A Free Market Economy

Earn Ethereum (ETH) rewards by holding Karma Finance's KARBS token and getting your wallet address validated. The greater your share of the circulating supply you hold, the more you can receive as a reward at the end of a period.

Voluntary UBI Option

The Karma DeFi platform allows the option of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) scheme, delivered by the free market and administered by decentralized smart contracts. Users who don't want UBI can try for greater rewards, determined by consensus.

Supercharge Your Earnings

Increase your ability to earn ETH rewards with Karma Finance's governance token, KFI. The more KFI you hold in your wallet at the end of a period, the more your ETH rewards can be increased for that period.

Crafting Winners

We're not just introducing the general public to exciting new financial technologies, but helping them build a winning mindset from having clear financial goals, strategies, and patience.

Unlocking Human Capital

Using the upcoming KarmaFi mobile application with the protocol, users can discover their hidden, intangible assets and produce value for society in ways they never imagined possible.

Bringing DeFi to Those Who Need It Most

"Decentralized finance" is really about helping people who don't benefit from centralized finance. We believe that by helping people succeed economically, society can become better for everyone over time.

Freeing Minds

Using the Karma Finance DeFi protocol will encourage users to think of money not just as a physical thing but an information system, and use that system to amplify their ability to produce value for others.

Get Rewarded for Helping Others

"Growing up surrounded by gangs and drugs in one of Chicago's worst neighborhoods, I dropped out of grammar school after my American mom divorced from my Canadian father and became gravely ill with cancer afterwards. Rather than become another tragedy like my former classmate (who became one of the nation's most notorious serial killers) I came up with my own learning system and taught myself what I needed to know to make a better life. Failure (and welfare) were not options. I was lucky that I was interested in stocks and computers from a very early age. I think if someone is at an economic disadvantage, it's most likely because they never learned about how money works and how to use the free market to their advantage. We can help solve the world's most pressing issues not by just talking about them, but by productively doing something about them. That's where Karma Finance's UBI-via-DeFi platform comes into play."

Antoine Sorel NĂ©ron

Founder of Karma Finance and Creator of the ICO [more...]

How To Participate


Get the KARBS Token

Get the KARBS token automatically by staking Ethereum (ETH) in our open-sourced and autonomous Karma DeFi smart contract. The greater your share of the KARBS circulating supply, the greater your claim to UBI payments or consensus rewards.


Chose UBI or Consensus Rewards

Each period, choose whether to receive a portion of the UBI distribution (in ETH) or participate in the larger consensus reward distribution by getting your wallet address voted on by others (or even yourself).

Fill up with KFI, the community governance token, and use it to multiply your consensus rewards.


Collect Your ETH

Get whatever ETH distribution is due to you for the period by sending 0.000000001 ETH or less to the KARBS contract, representing your approval of that period's payment. Repeat step 2 for the next period for as long as you hold the token.

Two sides of the same coin, each supporting the efforts of the other.

The Karma Finance Ecosystem


The Karma DeFi Protocol token. Event-driven deflation. 100% owned by the community. Autonomous. No dev control.

Total Supply


Pre-sale or private sale tokens


Team tokens


Marketing or admin tokens


Anticipated launch

Q4 2020

When $KARBS are used for minting, they are burned.


The Governance and KARBS 'multiplier' token.

Total Supply


Team tokens

Community tokens

100% locked

85% locked

Marketing or admin tokens:

85% locked

KFI Governance Token Timelocks

Most of the supply of KFI tokens have been locked until September 2021 as a measure of our confidence in Karma Finance's project goals and timelines. 

Community Reserve
85% locked
85% of the Community allocation of 155,000 tokens have been locked until September 2021.
Team Reserve
100% locked
All of the Team allocation of 155,000 tokens have been locked until September 2021.
Development Reserve
85% locked
85% of the Development allocation of 155,000 tokens have been locked until September 2021.

The 4 Stages of Development

Phase 0


In the beginning phase we get our ducks in a row, with the basic foundation and purpose of Karma Finance communicated to the public. We begin to crystallize our vision and story, as well as the problem that the Karma DeFi platform solves.

Phase 1


The community and public can better see how the various pieces of the Karma DeFi solution come together as we begin to test, and make use of, the actual protocol. Contract auditing and security is also a focus in this phase.

Phase 2


The Karma DeFi protocol is mature enough that users can more easily extract value from it. A complementary interface that allows users deeper exploration of the protocol (in the form of a mobile app) has begun development.

Phase 3


Users can successfully leverage the KarmaFi application with the DeFi protocol for maximum benefit. The elements for reaching critical mass are in place, allowing for anyone around the world to benefit from Karma Finance by using their inherent human capital to realize its more practical monetary value.

Phase 0 Tasks // Updates // Proposals

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