The Next Cryptocurrency Revolution

The First ICO + DeFi = Karma Finance

Rooted in Crypto History: On April 19, 2014, the founder of Karma Finance quietly launched the world's first ICO with Karmashares, under Karmacoin. It revolutionized crypto with a unique staking and distributed ownership model that empowered its community. Now, the Karma Finance DeFi protocol introduces the next revolution in crypto.

Boost Your Minting Power

Maximize your ability to mint the protocol token, KARBS, with the Karma 'multiplier' token, KFI. The more KFI you add while minting, the more KARBS you can have that can be used to claim rewards later.

Peer-to-Peer Giving

Invest in people you know by giving them KARBS tokens that you've minted yourself. The longer they hold KARBS the more they could potentially receive as a reward when they release the token.

Beyond the Unbanked

Although many people lack bank accounts, many more people lack funds. The Karma DeFi platform is apolitical and allows you to help people directly, even those that you know personally..

Fill Up With $KFI on Uniswap

Get the Karma Finance multiplier and governance token [$KFI] and maximize your minting power.

The Karma Finance Ecosystem

Two sides of the same coin, each supporting the efforts of the other.


The DeFi Protocol token. Event-driven deflation. 100% owned by the community. Autonomous. No dev control.

Total Supply


Pre-sale or private sale tokens


Team tokens


Marketing or admin tokens


Anticipated launch

Q4 2020

When $KARBS are used for minting, they are burned.


The Governance and KARBS 'multiplier' token. 100% Community tokens (via KARBS recycling).

Total Supply


Pre-sale or private sale tokens


Team tokens

Community tokens

100% locked

85% locked

Marketing or admin tokens:

85% locked


Stake Your Ethereum

Launch the Karma DeFi app and connect your Metamask wallet to stake in an open-sourced, decentralized, and autonomous smart contract.



You choose when to mint KARBS, or continue staking. The more time that passes, the more KARBS you can mint.

Fill up with $KFI, the community governance token, and use it to multiply your stake even more.


Redeem $KARBS for ETH

When you transfer your KARBS to someone, they can also stake, if they choose. The longer they stake their KARBS the more ETH they could potentially receive as a reward.

Get $KFI Now!

Get the Karma Finance governance and multiplier token on Uniswap

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